Our Lauren Conrad dress is here!

gypsy05_tye_dye_maxiFinally after such long awaited anticipation our new Gypsy 05 maxi dress arrived today. As seen worn by Lauren Conrad and in PSW. We sold 1 already!!! It’s such a pretty dress made of silk tye-dye…and the drawstrings have peace sign details…very special.


Our new online ad

wtw_metromixCheck out our new online ad that will be on Metromix.com under Jersey Shore.

Write us back and let us know what you think…

Sunny at the Jersey Shore

WOW, it’s finally here….such a beautiful day today at the Jersey Shore! People are out and about in town, smiling and shopping.

Some new and exciting happenings at What to Wear.  We are now completely electronic for checking out at the register. Woo Hoo!!! Checkouts are running so smooth and effortless. It was a long process to set up but so worth it!!!

Also, we just opened a Twitter account. Just search for us under whattowear_main and then follow our posts….

Farrah Faucett and Michael Jackson

What shocking news today of two icons. I’m very saddened by the news. I have a heavy heart…Farrah was one of my idols growing up and watching her on Charlie’s Angels…she was such a classy lady. It would have been sweet if Ryan O’Neill and her could have married as planned before she passed away 😦

WOW! Michael Jackson too…I never saw that coming…very shocking!

Lauren Conrad dress arriving 7/1

I just found out from the shipping department in California that the Gypsy 05 dress worn by Lauren Conrad will be arriving July 1st. Sorry for the delay ladies. Gypsy 05 is very limited on their quantities and assured me that we will have the maxi dress by next week in time for holiday. There has been so much anticipation on this style so I’ll keep everyone posted….

Lauren Conrad in our Gypsy 05 Maxi Dress

gypsy05_tye_dye_maxiLC! Arriving this week is our silk tye dye maxi dress worn by Lauren Conrad as seen in People Style Watch magazine. This is the prefect dress for the summer to dress up or down. Gypsy 05 dresses are so super comfortable.

STYLE TIP: if you are petite just have the bottom of the maxi hemmed and use the excess as a scarf. Voila!

Crisp White Denim worn by Audrina

Audrina in our denim

Audrina in our denim

NEW THIS WEEK! An up-and-coming line called Devine Rights of Denim. I love the fact that on-trend Audrina Patridge is the model for this line. Even better is the price point…only $75 for this premium denim. Grab your pair and make summer cool/casual looks so simple and chic.